From galvanized steel has many advantages, such as:
- low cost;
- high service life of profiled sheet for 25-35 years);
- ability to betray the material in any form;
- resistance to rust.

Typically, galvanized steel does not rust, but it tends to oxidize, and if you notice on their metal coatings white coating, it is a sign of oxidation. To stop the process we need to clear this place using the grinding wheel on the grinder or with sandpaper medium grain. Next, using a broom or brush sweep up the remnants scraped away makeup and the dust and cover product color formulations. If the metal has been previously painted, you must remove all loose paint.

Acrylates for painting

For painting galvanized iron is not suitable oil and alkyd paint, as because of their chemical formulas, these compounds will interact with the zinc, resulting in deteriorating the adhesion of the molecules of the dye molecules with the galvanized metal, simply put the paint after a while will stripped off.

For painting the metal of galvanized steel is better to use acrylic enamel, which firmly adhere to the painted surface and retain their quality for a long time. These enamel may be Russian, such as "rosteks" and import type "Tikkurilla for galvanized iron.

The average amount of paint when painting galvanized steel in the existing and partially bare surface is one liter of the composition to 8-11 square meters.

You can also use a special aluminum paint, Cerebral with the enhanced water resistant characteristics. This paint is made on the basis of aluminum powder, so is not oxidized and is perfectly resistant to aggressive environmental influences.

Features works

There are among the builders believed that the zinc paint has meaning only after years of service, during this time, the metal when exposed to atmospheric influences goes through all the stages of chemical reactions. To handle for painting galvanized will only need to clean up.

It is not recommended to use thick color formulations, prepared or thickened mixture should be diluted by butyl acetate, ethyl acetate or solvent. Of such paints for interior work is almost no in the Russian market, therefore work should be carried out outdoors or in a well ventilated area.

Buying the paint is an unknown manufacturer, pay attention to the labeling. Preference is given to compositions which correspond to THAT 2313-009-98310821-2008.