Advice 1: How to bring the girl to the jet orgasm? Tips for men

Some sexologists claim that men who master the technique of bringing the women to a stunning orgasmic discharge, can rightly be called the lovers of God. We are talking about the so-called jet orgasm, or squirt. But to bring a woman to orgasm, called a squirt, you need to know something. It should be noted that all the material in this article is presented for persons over 18 years of age.
Squirt girls are very sensual and emotional time

What is a squirt orgasm?

Squirting or squirt is a kind of orgasmic discharge many women and girls, accompanied by the emission of out a certain amount of liquid secretion. Generally orgasm with squirt is controversial, because it is not so much in the process of ejaculation, how much is those feelings that a woman will have.

Many women and girls are skeptical to orgasm with squirt, calling it questionable entertainment. While some believe it to be perverted fantasies, fiction and empty nonsense, others believe that Squirting does exist, however, is female ejaculate comes involuntary release of urine!

What's the bet sexologists?

Sexologists say that the jet orgasm actually exists. According to them, this is not a myth and, moreover, is not a questionable amusement. Currently they are arguing about something else: the question of how exactly you can bring the girl to the jet orgasm, causing ongoing discussions among these professionals.

Fortunately, more or less common opinion is still there. From the man in this case you need some sexual experience, and his partner – a complete relaxation of the body. In addition, experienced lovers should know what the G-spot, and, of course, to be able to use it.

Also be aware that the harbinger of the jet orgasm are false urge to urinate. If a girl successfully will overcome them, it is likely that the award will be a powerful release of liquid secretion, half-conscious, involuntary convulsions of the body and fine tremor in the extremities.

How to bring a girl to squirt? Training

  1. First we need to trim the nails on the hands, after which they (hand) wash.
  2. Care should be taken to a special lubricant for the most comfortable insertion of fingers into the vagina of the female partner.
  3. Don't forget about the towels. They should be prepared in order for a woman to be able to ejaculate on them not covering the "bed of love".
  4. Before the "procedure," the woman should void her bladder and bowels.
  5. Before dealing with the squirt, you need to create an intimate setting: put the appropriate music, light some candles, take aromalamps etc.

Squirt girls. Technique

  1. Sexual fondling, or foreplay is an essential "attribute" of sexual relations between lovers. Of the caresses, do not forget in any case. Foreplay should last longer than usual. You must give it to reach its pika. It should spend at least 40 minutes of time.
  2. Now it's time to "Wake up" the coveted g-spot. best of all, this will be "missionary" position and, of course, the skilled fingers of the partner. No need to use a third-party promoters, large and small sex toys because it's not necessary.
  3. So fingers to bring the girl to orgasm, you should stimulate the clitoris and labia majora, "warming up" her vagina for a violent "eruption".
  4. It is now the point of Graffenberg. Introduced into the vagina two fingers necessarily the palm up, then bend. You need to perform pochesyvaya movement. Everything is done very carefully. By the way, the point G should be determined without any problems: it's a little rough to the touch in contrast to the smooth vagina.
  5. Gradually, the stimulation will lead to the fact that the area G in women will start to fill with blood. An experienced partner will feel it. Here it is – the moment of truth. Long live squirt orgasm!

The final

You must understand that Squirting girls are very sensitive and emotional moment. At this time it is completely defenseless. That is why immediately after the squirt, you need to be close with your partner, hug her and kiss her.

Knowing the art and the beauty of Squirting, it is possible to plunge in a completely new world, full of genuine sexual passion, emotions, passionate desires, and these miracles that are capable of the human body!

Advice 2 : What is jet orgasm

Jet orgasm in women, some consider a myth invented to advertise certain sexual techniques, others suggest that it has something to do with involuntary urination.
What is jet orgasm

What is jet orgasm

The sexual revolution happened a long time ago, but still many do not only men, but even women themselves don't know some things. For example, a little-known inkjet female orgasm, which many associated with simple involuntary emission of urine, in fact, completely different from the process of liberation from results of life.

In fact, from the urethra out is not urine in its pure form, and urethral ejaculate is composed of liquid phosphoric acid, which is actually the element extracted directly from the male sperm. It is in the sperm can be detected by components of creatinine and urea, but in minimal quantities.

Inkjet orgasm represents the release of the ejaculate under the influence of hormones of pleasure, that is, when receiving a very strong orgasm. Somehow, it is believed that such processes can occur only in the case of men, but women are able to reach jet orgasm, but some do not know it or did not receive as strong of satisfaction. But the situation is correctable.

The achievement of the jet orgasm with a man

Renowned sexologist Dr. Ernest Site there have been numerous studies aimed at the work of the female urethra and the function of the mysterious g-spot. To find her you will need to enter in the vagina two fingers, certainly they should be sent up to the bladder, not the rectum.

After the introduction you must begin to bend my fingers and try to find a small size 5 cents, "button", which is different from all the rest of the surface of the vagina. She is going to touch a little rough, and its easy enough to find. With genuine excitement, this point in women engorged with blood and increases in size as the penis in men. After the recession of excitation and also decreases at this point.

Jet to achieve orgasm independently

To jet orgasm possible, trained their muscles. This can be achieved through exercise vumbilding. Also you can find yourself at this point and move the fingers to the palm, slowly and with a certain rhythm.

The main technique of achieving jet orgasm is not to be afraid to pee. Usually a good idea to practice on your own, or if the partner is able to perceive this woman's desire, and you can ask him for some help.

Advice 3 : How to understand what brought your partner to orgasm

Men, especially not very experienced in sex, sometimes I can not understand whether a partner is fun. To find out, brought to orgasm a girl or not can be based on several criteria. Every woman they own, and what you will learn from this article.
How to understand what brought your partner to orgasm


How to understand what is brought to orgasm - basic signs

The main signs of the female orgasm - an increase in the amount of lubrication, the strain of muscles of a vagina (it starts to compress and decompress), trembling, groans, sometimes ejaculation (inkjet orgasm). These are the basic signs by which one can understand that the woman had an orgasm.

However, it is not always possible to understand what drove the beloved to orgasm. Some girls are very shy and don't show your emotions, don't make noise and groan, holding back a shiver. With such it is difficult to understand, they received pleasure or not. If your girl is just out of this category pay more attention to secondary features of the female orgasm.

How to understand what brought to orgasm, if the girl is shy

If she strongly hides his emotions, is not revealed in sex, it is very difficult to orgasm. On a psychological level she is the block - it seems that what she does is bad. So she can't relax. If you love your girl, help her to understand that in sex there is nothing wrong. Perhaps she worried that she might get pregnant, or that parents would find out. And many girls are concerned that a partner thinks about her body. So try to impress the girl confidence and to show that you are reliable partner and willing to take responsibility for it. Tell her you love her and ask to get married - most girls enough to know that you are ready to create a family, to become much more liberated in sex.

If the girl still hides his emotions during sex, to understand what drove her to orgasm is possible on that basis that after a certain time (each is their own), the partner tries to avoid penetration of the penis and removes your hands from the clitoris. The fact that a few minutes after orgasm women are unpleasant touching of the sexual organs. They just want to lay there, feeling like the body is filled with pleasant warmth. Although in this case it is possible that she never got orgasm, she just is not pleasant to your manipulation. Best after sex to talk about it and find out what prevents your partner to enjoy lovemaking.

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