The development of the concept of the pet store is a preliminary stage of naming. When one hears the name of the store, his imagination begins to design coherent and integrated way. And the buyer is comfortable if his views coincide with what he sees firsthand. Vetsnab is associated with a wide range of professional drugs and the possibility of bulk purchases, and "kitty-paw" with a shiny collar for pocket dogs and houses for chinchillas. That's why the owner of the shop must first take care of the concept. Target audience (veterinarians, experienced breeders or families with children), range, and even location - all important for name.
To tie an effective sign with the name of the store concept and business plan, you need to use proven methods of naming. For example, Suomalainen quite popular associative method - "White Fang", "Moon cat", "goldfish". Abbreviated method "ZOOVET", "Pet shops". The method of superiority - "super cat", "Best food". The nominal method "Feed from the Vasilich", "Dog Mongrel". Method rifmovannyy - "cat Bonehead, Dog-Nipper". Neologisms, wordplay and intentional errors in the names, too, are found everywhere. For Example, "Katavasia". Method of adding, when the words "peace," "planet, "the universe" is attached noun, referring to southowram, is also popular. Get informative neutral names, which many in any telephone directory. This store can gain customers exclusively and the best account of the location or bright promotions.
After a long list of names will be on paper, it is necessary to clarify whether there is in the city of the same name. Then check out these names on the target audience. The rating scale can be developed independently. The main criteria is the content, richness, and originality. A big plus when name-to-remember, hard to confuse with other similar signs. Especially annoying to run the journal name using online services phonosematic analysis and discover what "Animal" compared to "Natural health" sounds fresher and brighter.