First of all, it should be borne in mind that a lot confectionery. Accordingly, many and similar names. Guarantee that the client will not mix the bakery "Bun" confectionery "Cheesecake", no. Why the name pastry must be fairly significant differences from the names of the other pastry shops in your area.
The title should reflect the theme of the institution is one of the rules of naming. But we should not treat him too harshly. Play with them in the Association. What comes to mind when thinking about the coffee shop? Surely it is not just pies and buns, but sweet, and Carlson, who lives on the roof.
If the pastry has any concept (for example, it may be patisserie-coffee shop), then the choice is also worth considering. Use in the title of your concept ("Buns & coffee" sounds far more interesting than just "Bun", although it is a very simple variant). If you stylesuite bakery under a certain age, it will reflect in the name of something recognizable from that era (candy store in the Soviet style, fit the name "Patisserie No. 1").
Write down all the names that came to mind. Check each of them on the Internet - whether in your town or district institutions with the same or similar name? Deselect those names, which have already met someone, and all like them.
Experiment with the remaining names. draw or at least imagine yourself signs with them. Many of the well-sounding names, unfortunately, do not look visually. A sign for a candy store is an important element in advertising, so deselect them.
The remaining titles show it to your friends, especially those who often goes in pastry. spend a little poll. Imagine that your friends are your clients. surely they will tell you what the name more and which are less advantageous. After this "test" can I stop on a particular name for a candy store.