Hardware stores may have different size and range. Depends on the name of this store. The name of the huge building of the shopping center, where you can buy everything, must be different from a small regional shop, which is visited mostly for small things. Decide on the kind of store you have and what you want to sell.
Think about your target audience. So called people who is likely to become your customers. One of the most important features of the selection of a particular target material. For those who build the cottage, and those who make modest repairs in the apartment, completely different demands and tastes. Accordingly, the title should involve those people whom you expect.
Think about what names would attract the attention of your target audience. Write down any words that come to mind. Surely some of them will disappear because of weblogsbuy. Of the remaining select the most vibrant, catchy name. Try to imagine how they could look on the sign at your hardware store, the logo, Russian or Latin letters. Select the best and make a list.
Type each of the selected titles in the search engines. It is important to recognize the existence of any construction company with a similar name. The title, which is already (even in another city), should not be used.
Selected title show to your target audience. It can be relatives or friends. Consider what title they like more and which less, and find out why. All this information will be useful to you in the final decision or what is possible, to return to the search for new options.