The name should be short, easy to pronounce and to remember. If the store has its target audience, wisely chosen name is a good start for your business. Order buyers showed interest and came by often name-slogan. For example, "The right products" or "Benefit buy here". Remember, the more precisely defined in the title of the product and the audience for which it is submitted, the more money it will bring to you.
The name of the store household chemicals should Express the character, that is, the idea of the store. It shall conform to the range of products and to stand out among competitors. For example, "Lotus", "hostess", "Glitter", "Freshness" will make the store like home, so seductive and tempting for Housewives. We should not forget that women are frequent shoppers of household chemistry. The shop called "Cinderella", "Snow white" or "Sorceress" creates a perfect image of a beautiful and thoughtful hostess.
The title should be original and simple in its graphics. Another option would be humor. It can render you good service. When a name raises a smile, it is stored in the head. And therefore achieved the main goal – the customer is always yours. Store household chemicals can come such names as "Tricoder" and "Bubble".
The name must not contain forbidden expressions. In order that the idea quickly come to mind, try to imagine yourself in the place walking past your shop man. What associations does he have a name? The name of the store should be such that the potential buyer will certainly want to drop by. And then, of course, not just look, but be sure to buy something.
In the promotion of their stores, many employers organise various actions and constantly make sales. However, the name must emphasize, not all these discounts and the quality and reliability of household chemistry. And also provide service and warranty maintenance. Thing is that your promises and slogans coincide with reality and do not deceive visitors.