Advice 1: How to insert a memory card into the laptop

At that time, as some laptops support interface for connection to PC cards memory, some models do not include such connectors, thus creating owners some inconvenience.
How to insert a memory card into the laptop
You will need
  • Laptop, flash card, USB adapter, antivirus.
If to speak about the model of the laptop, which is provided with card slots for memory in various formats, then insert the stick will look quite simple. All you need is the edit and antivirus. Insert map the memory into the slot and wait for its detection. If you have configured AutoPlay, then just close the popup window when you connect the card and go to the folder "My computer".
Here you need to click on the icon of the connected card memory right-click. In the opened menu click on the option "scan for viruses" and wait for the moment until the anti-virus software will not finish the scan of the card. If threats to the computer does not show up, can continue working with the map memory.
If your laptop does not provide ports for the card memory, you come to the rescue of special devices – USB-adapter. Such adapters have connectors for all existing card formats memory and connect to the computer via a USB interface. Connect the device to the laptop and insert the card memory in the correct slot. Next, run a virus scan and continue with the map, if malware is not found. If the antivirus detects the viruses on the map, it is better to avoid opening it on the laptop or try to cure the contents of the device.

Advice 2 : Where a memory card is inserted

Modern gadgets are used everywhere to expand their functionality memory cards of different formats. But the location of the memory card is always individual. Therefore, it is necessary to understand where most of a memory card is inserted in various devices.
Where a memory card is inserted
First of all I must say about smartphones. Increase memory in these devices will expand their functionality through the installation of various software, and also allow you to store much more data (music, photos, pictures, etc.). In smartphones, the memory card is often located directly under the battery. Access the slot for the expansion memory is either there under the battery or on the sides of the device. The grooves generally designated by symbols corresponding to the types of supported memory cards.
Other widely used devices that use memory cards are the devices photos and videos. These include digital cameras, video recorders, digital video cameras, etc. the Slots to accommodate memory cards are denoted in the same signs as in smartphones. But access to them is not complicated structurally.
There is a list of gadgets in which to expand memory with cards is not widespread, as they by the manufacturer already incorporated a sufficient amount of memory. These devices include MP3 players, photo frames, tablet computers, electronic books, etc. In these devices the slots for the cards are located on the sides.
Memory cards are widely used for expanding the RAM of personal computers running operating systems Windows Vista and 7. When it comes to laptops, slot for memory card located in the rear part, where is the keyboard. If we are talking about a full system units, we often have built in a special device - card readers, which are just for using memory cards. In older models with the old buildings, in order to use maps, you must use an external, not embedded card reader.
Useful advice
In order to extend the service life of the memory card, you need to avoid dust and moisture on the metal parts.
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