Start drawing with the construction of auxiliary parts. Please draw a rectangle with an aspect ratio of 2 to 3, its base should be shorter than the lateral side. At the level of the base of the rectangle, draw a horizontal line. Its length depends on what body type you want to portray, if my car will be six wheels (bitumous, mixer), its length three times to exceed the base of the rectangle corresponding to the cockpit. If the car will be equipped with four wheels (cranes), platform length can be somewhat shorter.
Draw the wheels of the car. The diameter of each is equal to approximately half the height of the rectangle corresponding to the cockpit. Center of circle is located slightly below the base of the cab and the line of the platform. The first pair is located under the cabin closer to the edge where the frame starts. The machine with three pairs of wheels the last two are located at a small distance from each other close to the rear of the chassis.
Select the cabin details. First bevel the front of the top. The window is approximately 40% of the surface of the cabin, a side part are separated by thin straps. Don't forget to outline the contour of the door and draw the rear view mirror. If you draw the front of the machine, separate the lower part of the cabin horizontal line. Draw the rectangular headlights, the sidelights, the symbolism of the plant in the center and the inscription "KAMAZ". Behind the front wheels draw a thin mud flaps.
Draw the chassis. You do not have to draw all the technical details of this device, they will be hidden by the shadow of the body, simply highlight the massive tank.
Select which truck you want to draw. You can choose a conventional dump body, in this case, draw a slanted line from the chassis to the top edge of the cab, the rear section must be vertical. Headroom is about half of the cab as it is located above the chassis, its upper edge reaches the middle of the window. Besides the usual body you can draw a cement mixer, excavator, cement truck or a fire engine.
Paint the drawing. Auto body and cabin use bright colors – orange, red or yellow, other parts black make.