Before the sole proprietorship or LLC will evaluate your strengths – for starters, you can open a small shop-kiosk. The main thing is to place it in places of intense flow of people, preferably on the way coming out of work citizens. Good turnover from points located in parts of the shopping center near a large grocery store. Also beneficial to place your pet in a residential area, where many skyscrapers.
The next step is registration. When you specify the sphere, write not only retail, but also the provision of services to the population. This will allow you to not only sell pet products, but also, for example, Supplement shop, animal grooming parlor or Studio for clothing for animals.
An extract from the state register you need to register with the tax Inspectorate and the Pension Fund. Then start to look for suitable for rent for the pet shop premises. If you decide to open a retail outlet with a wide range, including veterinary and animals, you will need several permits. To sell drugs you need a license. You will not be able to if the state your store is not a vet. For sale animals are required mitsprache.
Think about what you will be able to attract a buyer. Some businesses give out free samples of products. Other offers free shipping heavy feeds, or packages with filler.
Find the suppliers. This can be done via the Internet. Pay attention not only on the product price, but also on the possibility of a return that is not in demand among buyers. If you open a small shop-kiosk, you will need a minimum of feed, fillers, some accessories for animal care, combs, toys, shampoo. If your outlet will differ a large scale, the range can include clothes for Pets, aquariums, couches, houses, veterinary products, vitamins. Also, do not forget that the presence in the pet shops, at least, hamsters and Guinea pigs, will attract buyers. Immediately consider and prepare a range of goods that can be purchased along with these animals.
Don't forget about the hardware store. For smaller points you will need a pair of racks, showcase, scales, for sale of feed in bulk, cash register equipment. For a large pet store will provide equipment for the animals, as well as a refrigerator for veterinary preparations.