Advice 1: How to open your chop

Private security company – specific business in which "outsiders" can feel a little uncomfortable. However, with a strong desire to invest in "chop" this problem can be solved quite simple – hire an experienced head having a certificate of private security guard and useful connections in the power structures. With his help, to do everything necessary to create a security company you will probably be able.
Employees of the "chop" should be a real Pro to gain trust of clients
You will need
  • 1. License issued by the licensing division of the police Department
  • 2. The premise for "the base" (a mini-office, Armory, a room for the rapid response group)
  • 3. Weapons and special means, as well as a certificate for the right to use each form
  • 4. Sets uniforms and shoes for the guards of "chop"
  • 5. Means of communication – radios, mobile and landline phones
  • 6. Footage of the guards, "licensed" and without special qualifications
Collect the documents required for obtaining a license for the right to engage in security activities. In addition to the constituent documents need to submit to the police a full description of services to be provided by "chop", information about its personnel, weapons and special equipment that you intend to use. Be sure to also submit documents confirming the qualifications of private security guard from several employees, including his supervisor.
Find the place where will be located "base" of your security Agency – here the Manager will negotiate with customers and to meet with applicants to obtain employment in your organization. If a private security company uses a firearm, then you have to equip the Armory. Finally, if "chop" provides services for the console the protection of stationary objects, at the "base" will need to equip a room for the duty of rapid response group.
Purchase those special means, which purport to use in their work, after obtaining permission to use each of them in the police Department. Usually private security guards are equipped with rubber truncheons, handcuffs, electroshock weapon. Equipped with all the weapons locker needs to "accept" the experts from internal Affairs bodies and fire inspection.
Order sewing of branded clothing and footwear for the employees of your security firm. You need to have two kinds of uniforms for security guards working in confined areas and guards, carrying duty at the open space. Another item of expenditure "on startup" will be the acquisition of means of operative connection between the guards and the "base" – radio, landlines and mobile phones.
Pick guards, ukomplektovana state as "licensed", non-certificate employees. By law, complete a pre-training needs all employees of the security Agency, but is permitted to hire "interns", working together with experienced guards and ready to receive the professional certificate. Salary expectations of these "interns" as a rule, considerably lower than the licensed "security".
Useful advice
Necessarily insure the life and health of employees you have security guards – insists the Federal law "On private detective and security activity", the failure of which may result in the revocation of the license.

Try to expand the scope provided by your security company services – organize the system panel protection, and then think also about the organization of detective work.

Advice 2 : How to obtain a license for the chop

To carry out private security activities on a legal basis, it is necessary to undergo registration and licensing. The procedure for obtaining a license is determined by the current in the territory of the Russian legislation. Before receiving permission consider what types of security activities you plan to engage and prepare the documents.
How to obtain a license for the chop
Read the laws regulating security and detective work. You will need the RF Civil code, the Law "On private detective and security activity in the Russian Federation" dated 11.03.1992 №2487-1 (amended on 01.07.2011), as well as the RF Government Decree of June 23, 2011 N 498 "On some issues of private detective (detective) and private security activity" dealing with the issues of implementation of these activities.
Select the types of activities that will engage your private security company (chop). An exhaustive list of allowed types you can find in the relevant Law. It can be the protection of life and health of citizens, protection of objects and property consulting services in the field of security, the implementation of access control in companies and perform some other functions stipulated by the legislation.
Register a legal person that obtained a license. Pay special attention to the preparation of constituent documents. The founders of the private security company should have an impeccable reputation, otherwise the license could be a problem.
Select the room in which it will be registered company. Assign the head of the legal person; note, however, that he should have higher professional education and to improve their skills in the field of security activities.
Collect the documents. It includes originals and copies of the constituent documents of the security company, lease agreement, receipt of payment of state duty, the statement of the established sample. A complete list of the documents available in the Ministry of the interior and those on the ground, the licensing of private security companies.
Submit the documents to the appropriate authority licenses and permits of your police Department. Wait for the scan. In the case of conformity of documents and all of your enterprise legal requirements you get a license to carry out security activities. The term of the license varies from six weeks to two months. The license is issued for a period of 5 years; at the end of the validity of the document you can shed a license for the same period.
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