You will need
  • 1. License issued by the licensing division of the police Department
  • 2. The premise for "the base" (a mini-office, Armory, a room for the rapid response group)
  • 3. Weapons and special means, as well as a certificate for the right to use each form
  • 4. Sets uniforms and shoes for the guards of "chop"
  • 5. Means of communication – radios, mobile and landline phones
  • 6. Footage of the guards, "licensed" and without special qualifications
Collect the documents required for obtaining a license for the right to engage in security activities. In addition to the constituent documents need to submit to the police a full description of services to be provided by "chop", information about its personnel, weapons and special equipment that you intend to use. Be sure to also submit documents confirming the qualifications of private security guard from several employees, including his supervisor.
Find the place where will be located "base" of your security Agency – here the Manager will negotiate with customers and to meet with applicants to obtain employment in your organization. If a private security company uses a firearm, then you have to equip the Armory. Finally, if "chop" provides services for the console the protection of stationary objects, at the "base" will need to equip a room for the duty of rapid response group.
Purchase those special means, which purport to use in their work, after obtaining permission to use each of them in the police Department. Usually private security guards are equipped with rubber truncheons, handcuffs, electroshock weapon. Equipped with all the weapons locker needs to "accept" the experts from internal Affairs bodies and fire inspection.
Order sewing of branded clothing and footwear for the employees of your security firm. You need to have two kinds of uniforms for security guards working in confined areas and guards, carrying duty at the open space. Another item of expenditure "on startup" will be the acquisition of means of operative connection between the guards and the "base" – radio, landlines and mobile phones.
Pick guards, ukomplektovana state as "licensed", non-certificate employees. By law, complete a pre-training needs all employees of the security Agency, but is permitted to hire "interns", working together with experienced guards and ready to receive the professional certificate. Salary expectations of these "interns" as a rule, considerably lower than the licensed "security".