You will need
  • - Assembly;
  • - the Charter;
  • - decree of the administration;
  • - registration of legal entity;
  • cadastral documents for the land plot;
  • - lease agreement;
  • - personal account;
  • plan, project, sketch, construction and engineering communications;
  • - building permit, consistent in all instances.
Select an initiative group from among the persons interested in the Association to create a garage cooperative. Most often members of the same cooperative are the owners or users of apartments in nearby houses who have no place to put personal cars.
Spend General meeting of all those wishing to join the cooperative. On it by vote elected the initiative group of leaders who will take on all the making of documentary of the creation and establishment of a cooperative community.
The chosen leaders should hold a meeting with the Protocol to which you want to make all of the considered issues on the agenda and to develop a Charter for community. The development of the Charter will attract a practicing lawyer who is familiar with all articles of the current legislation and draw up the Charter of such organizations.
With the Charter, please contact the local administration to provide land for the construction of a garage cooperative.
Selected the Chairman of the cooperative society is obliged to contact the tax office and register the community as a legal entity with registration in the unified registry and delivery of documents to cooperative activities, as well as giving the right to collect contributions, membership and other contributions payment of tax base in accordance with the applicable law at the time of community building.
For the start of construction will receive a decision by the administration, will draw up a contract to lease the land and register it in PPRC. For this you are required to conduct a survey of the site and to extract from the cadastral passport and a copy of the cadastral plan.
Open a personal account organizations to make contributions, membership and other contributions for construction and other works.
Call a licensed architect to draft, sketch construction objects and engineering communications.
Please contact the district Department of architecture and urban planning. Will receive a permit for conducting construction works the chief architect, you agree with utilities, fire protection, sanitary, energy companies, communication which you intend to connect to the garages.