If you have planned to organize a credit cooperative, collect initiative group of 3-5 people. Among them should be a specialist in accounting. With them find information about opening a co-opand consult with your organization about its work. Think about will you gain 15 like-minded people, prepare the founding documents, primarily the articles of Association.
If the number of the first members of your future co-opand will reach 15 people, can start legal registration. To do this, swipe the Constituent Assembly, along with those who "stood at the origins of its creation." They should be familiar with the project Charter to the meeting to discuss this document and make its final version.
With these people you need to set the size of entrance and share contributions, the frequency and size of payment of membership dues. The latest in the first year of operation the co-operatives will be required for its content.
After you hold this job, you must inform all the members of the credit cooperativeand of the time and venue of the Constituent Assembly. Before you open it make sure that the number of members of the initiative group is not less than 15 people. The purpose of the Constituent Assembly will be the actual creation of the cooperative.
This requires a vote by the desire to establish a credit cooperative, approve its Charter, procedure of payment and amount of installments to choose people who will actually create the organization, will put on the account in tax authorities, open a Bank account. It is necessary to make a list of those present at the meeting stating the name and passport details.
Prior to the state registration of the credit cooperativeand to be prepared by its articles of Association, minutes of the Founding meeting, a list of those present on it. Along with these documents you should contact the Tax office for obtaining the certificate of registration of a legal entity, then to the Bank to open a settlement account. After that you have to visit the state statistics bodies, the mandatory medical insurance Fund, social insurance Fund and pension Fund. Now your credit cooperative established.