Essentially a co – operative is a kind of Union for professional, functional, financial, and other interests. It is created to achieve shared economic and social goals that are associated with the satisfaction of material or other needs of its members. Therefore, in its name, you can use words like "Union", "Commonwealth", "people", "Single", "Our". These adjectives emphasize the essence of the created partnership, and its unifying nature.
Choose a name that is either neutral or positive emotions. To neutral can be the following, which are geographical names associated with the location of the cooperative or its legal registration. Positive emotions in the target audience will cause the name, which will meet the words: "Perspective", "Right", "Right", "Your".
In the name of the cooperative you can use words that relate to his activities: "Motorist", "cash", "Cone", "Grower", "Cottager". But before giving this name, which is literally "on the surface", ask tax registering authority, if it were taken in a different cooperative Association. Check uniqueness of names. It can be ordered in a law office specializing in this.
Keep in mind that the name of the cooperative in any case, it is necessary to check, whether it's a trademark. For example, the Sberbank already managed to defend in court their exclusive right to the trademark "SBER". This means that a consumer cooperative, named, for example, "Savings Bank" or "Savings credit Union" can be claimed from the largest credit organizations of Russia. Precedents of court decisions in favor of the Sberbank already exist, so better not to risk it and do the name without this controversial consoles.