You will need
  • - article for analysis;
  • supplies.
To write a qualitative analysis of the articles refer to is not subjective opinion, and defined criteria. Read the article and try to evaluate it on the basis of the extent to which the content header, content, logic of presentation, disclosure of the topic. Consider also the language of the article, its stylistic characteristics. The article must represent a unity of meaning.
After reading the article several times, proceed with the analysis. In the beginning, specify all the output articles, and proceed to the first item of the plan "under the header content of the article". In modern journalism, the cases when the "screaming" headlines only attract attention and do not correspond to the subject. Therefore, this paragraph should be reflected in your analysis.
Then go to assess the degree of informativeness of the article. Pay special attention to the presence of the facts, surveys, expert opinions, accurate data. All these components significantly increase the level of informativeness and allow in the future to refer to this article.
Logic of presentation is no less important in the evaluation of the article. If the article contains two or three microtomy, and the author erratically jumps from one to another, not finish the argument, it is a serious minus. Each considered the issue needs to be consistently presented, and in the end of the story should be summed up the corresponding results.
An article describing the above mentioned signs, you should say, fully disclosed to the affected subject. This item can cause difficulty in the analysis of the articles, where the author aims to encourage readers to reflect and purposely leave the question rhetorical. This type of articles did not disclose the topic in full, and its vagueness encourages further interest readers. If you are working with such article, be sure to include it in the analysis.