Note that the definition of ideas refers to the process of linguistic analysis of the text. Along with the idea of this analysis in the text also defined the theme and form, that is, the type, composition, style, and figurative-expressive means.
Please note that the idea of the text is recommended to designate the writing of essays on any topic, the analysis of the text, and when writing special works on the subject of defining the idea of the text or linguistic analysis in General. In any case, before writing the essay you have to imagine what will be the idea of your text, so defining ideas of his own works is recommended prior to performing the work.
Keep in mind that the word "idea" translates from Greek as "shape, a prototype", in fact means the mental prototype of any phenomena, objects, or principles, which displays their essence, essential characteristics. Thus, in the literature the idea is called main idea of the work, the author or the most important part of the plan.
For the analysis of existing text to read or listen to a work of art with pencil in hand.
Try briefly to fix the replays. Usually by means of repetition, the author concentrates the reader's attention to any details.
Think about the text. Try to find an answer to the question: why is it written? For which the author worked on the product, spend your time and energy? For what purpose was the creation of a work? I wanted to tell the author in this text? What he tries to call? In other words, what problem or question the writer wanted to focus on.
Try not to confuse the idea of the text with the theme. The theme is determined by the answer to the question: what is a text? The idea, unlike threads, can have a deeper meaning.