When writing an analytical reportand remember that he primarily needs to have a clear structure, which should be observed:
• cover sheet;
• the content;
• introduction;
• the main part;
• conclusion;
• list of literature;
• application.
The title page is the main page of your work. Enter information about the contractor(s) report. The contents provide information about the structure of the reportand numbering of the relevant pages. In the introduction explain several points: the relevance of this work, analysis of sources of information on the topic, the methods according to which it was drawn up the report. Also tell us about the aims and objectives set out in the framework of the report.
Make the main part, breaking it into several sections (each should include subsections). For each item as clearly as possible, logically, consistently present material on a topic, using different sources. Do not forget to specify the necessary references.
In conclusion, include brief information about the research and your own conclusions. In the list of literature sources used to compile the reportand write in alphabetical order. Turn in application, three-dimensional information, which were considered when compiling the report. Analytical report, based on the essence of its name, must be a detailed analysis of the particular topic. To conduct this comparison, build a parallel, draw conclusions from this.