Annotation to the paper should meet the following requirements.

While preparing the annotations do not retell the text, your task is to interest the reader. Completely eliminate his personal opinion about the article.

For you, the article may be very interesting, not for others and Vice versa. Do not quote the article. Write accessible and understandable language for any audience. Do not use complex sentences.
Do not use information that is not relevant to the topic of the article. Eliminate from the text of the abstract the well-known facts.
Specify which circle of readers will be interested in this article. If the article contains illustrations, please indicate this in the abstract.
Depending on the nature of the article – scientific, artistic, for use in annotations appropriate style of presentation.

Before writing the abstract to the article, read the article.
Your abstract should give an idea about what this article.

Tell us what the subject of this article and what conclusions were reached, or what is the problem raised by the author.
Use the verbs: examines, investigates, analyzes.

Annotations to the articles should be brief (no more than 5 sentences.
Approximate structure of the abstract.

1. The author's name, article title.

2. In the article...

3. The feature of this article...

4. The author suggests...

5. The author concludes...

After reading your abstract, the reader decides to read the article or take it to your note.