You will need
  • - copmuter;
  • - original article.
Write a title for review. Specify the title and the name of its author.
In the early reviews mention about what is the topic work which the author conducted research.
Pay attention to the relevance of the research problem, novelty and practical significance. Usually the author of the study refers to this issue in the introduction to the work.
In the next section give a brief content of the work. Check whether all the required sections it contains, what are the main provisions. Specify the amount of visual material – charts, tables, diagrams, rate, sufficient to understand the research they presented.
Then describe the total impression of the work, whether the content of the tasks, what is the quality of presentation.
An important part of the reviews – the perks of the job. As the perfect work does not exist, you will definitely find that it is possible to mention. Comments can refer to the study itself, and the content of the work, the presence of errors in it. It is equally important not to dwell on this, and at the end to indicate that these comments do not reduce the level of work, and that the author should consider them as suggestions to further work.
Now proceed with the analysis of the work. Depending on its type, you either Express a desire for ratings (for diplomas and course works), or recommend to give the applicant the required degree (for theses). Again mention about the quality of work.
Don't forget at the end of the review to provide information about yourself – name, academic degree, position, place of work. Also please sign and date. On a review it will be necessary to affix appropriate seal and either give it to the applicant personally or send by mail.