You will need
  • - article for analysis.
Read the article several times and try to assess its compliance with the stated title. You will also enjoy such quality articles as the level of informativeness and semantic integrity. Analyze how profoundly revealed the topic of the article, how well maintained the logical presentation of facts. In their work, try to be objective, don't go by your personal opinion.
Rate the quality of the language in which is written the analyzed article. Determine how the language meets the stated style, such as scientific, technical, or journalistic. Note such disadvantages as the over-saturation of popular scientific text difficult terms or, on the contrary, the presence of coarse language.
Proceed to the presentation of your analysis in written form. Start with the instructions of the output article. In the first paragraph of article present a consistent header content. For modern presses tend to attract the attention of the screaming headlines that do not always reflect the contents of the publications.
Rate the level of informativeness of the article. Indicate on the presence or absence in the analyzed material objective facts, expert evaluations, statistical data from reliable sources.
Reflect in a separate paragraph analysis of its assessment of the consistency of presentation of information in the article. Well, if the article clearly identifiable milestones such logic, as a brief introduction, detailed and consistent presentation of the problem, and in the end summing up the relevant outcome.
Pay attention to the language of the article in a separate paragraph. Specify stylistic mistakes, if any in the text. Mark used by the author of the expressive means of language: comparisons, epithets, metaphors etc.
Summarize the article in a single paragraph. Here you have to answer the question, how deep is revealed of the author's stated theme.