Analytical reference book on writing standard sheet of A4 paper (design requirements, field – according to GOST R 6.30-2003). For readability, the certificate must be printed on the computer. At the top, in capital letters in the middle write "Analytical report".
Provide General information about the company: its name, legal address, state registration number, telephone number, Fax, e-mail address. If the company has a website, enter its address in the Internet. Provide information about the activities of the company and the nature of ownership: public, private, participation in a Bank holding company or financial-industrial groups, legal status.
In the analytical report reflect information about the history of formation and development of enterprises, their main stages, year of creation, acquisition or merger. If so, the change of name.
Tell us about the structure of production and production activities of the company, its main directions. Describe the production and material-technical base, the existing subsidiaries, their capacity, describe the manufactured products, raw materials base and existing energy sources.
Give the range of products that reflect the main products and product categories, brands and models including industrial offices. Give statistical data on production quantity and value over the past few years. Break out the data by product types and by departments and subsidiaries.
Give the analysis of the economic condition of the company, specify its place in the ranking system at the country level and international, the place of enterprise income.
Analyze the efficiency of an enterprise activity on the basis of data on production and sales. Predict outputs in the future, using the above statistics in a few years. Make a conclusion about the economic activities of the considered enterprises.