You will need
  • a consultation with the physician and an experienced fitness instructor;
  • annotation to the drug;
  • - vegetable oil;
  • - or anti-cellulite cream;
  • soap;
  • - cloth and wool;
  • - a dry towel.
Use "Finalgon" for the treatment of muscle pain very small doses. Officially recommended number is only 0.5 cm extruded from the tube means to the site of the body, which can cover the palm of an adult. Therapeutic (warming) effect in the ointment comes in a few minutes, and after 20-30 minutes it reaches its climax. If you spread the tool is too thick, it can "scald" you be like the boiling water.
Do not apply the thermoactive ointment if you have damaged or very sensitive skin. Brush tool only on problem areas – they will be indicated by the specialist. In some parts of the body such as the neck, abdomen or inner thigh) to cause a warming of the drug is dangerous! Especially beware of the active ingredients of drugs the mucous membranes. No later than half an hour should clear the skin from the "Finalgon".
Use Helps to fight against cellulite is highly recommended only after a doctor's permission and under the supervision of an experienced fitness instructor. It is not a cosmetic cream, and the active drug penetrating through the pores of the epidermis into the blood. It can have a negative impact on your liver and kidneys. Fashionistas attracted to the positive effect that having the drug in the fight against "orange peel".
If you have decided to apply "Finalgon", then mix it with anti-cellulite remedy or any cream for the body in the proportions 1:4 and do not use more than ten days. Contraindications do not experiment with your health and use a special (softer) cosmetic thermoactive gel.
Do not shower until after warming the body with ointment. If you try rinsing with water (especially hot!), the warming effect will only intensify. Remove "Finalgon" with vaseline or vegetable oil (sunflower, sea buckthorn pharmacy). Good result also gives the milk or cream. Liberally moisten a cotton swab or soft cloth in a particular medium and rinse (but do not smear on the skin) product, while burning will not stop.
After treatment and cleaning, wipe the body dry with a towel, and hand wash thoroughly with thick soap suds and apply the cream.