Advice 1: How to get rid of the "plum" on the nose

To prevent the appearance of bruises in any way impossible. However, there are ways that allow you to get rid of the existing bruises to promote healing.
How to get rid of the "plum" on the nose
The correct way that will help to clean the bruise not only on the nose, but also on any other place, is exposure to cold temperatures. So you can put the hurt place ice or a bowl of cold water. This will help to narrow the blood vessels, to avoid getting blood into the soft tissues. In addition, low temperature will relieve pain and help reduce swelling. However effective this method would be only in case if the bruise is recent, to oldest to apply the ice will be useless. Carry out the procedure of cooling for five to ten minutes, but do not forget about the little breaks.
If the bruise has already formed, then fight him in a completely opposite way - with heat. It can widen the damaged blood vessels, and this will lead to accelerated tissue regeneration. To do this, use the compress (hold them for 20-25 minutes a few times a day). Simply wet the towel in hot water and apply to the injury site. By the way, you can not only use plain water, but a decoction of herbs. Thanks to them, the faster you get rid of a bruise.
The main helpers in the fight with bruises are a variety of anti-inflammatory drugs. They may be regenerating creams and gels that contain Arnica, vitamin K, R. to Achieve the desired effect you can, using the people's money. For example, apply mashed the marigold flower, cabbage leaf, or aloe. Among the ointments and creams can be called "Pain", "Rescue", "Finalgon", "Bruise-Off" and others.
To the fresh bruise, you can also attach and plantain leaves. Helps a decoction of the leaves mother and stepmother, as well as potatoes. Grate it on a grater, wrap in cheesecloth and apply to the bruise for 30-40 minutes.
During treatment, bruising do not take drugs that reduce blood clotting.

Advice 2: How to get rid of swelling in the nose

Nasal congestion – is not a harmless problem. With difficulty of nasal breathing in many respects deteriorating quality of life, as the body gets less oxygen. Man gets tired quickly, feels "broken", you may experience headaches, night stuffy nose does not allow normal sleep.
How to get rid of swelling in the nose
You will need
  • - sea salt;
  • - salt;
  • - iodine;
  • - chicken egg.
The problem of nasal congestion often passes after the treatment of colds and runny nose. Because she is not only a large amount of mucus in the nose during acute colds, but also swelling of the mucous membranes. Quickly eliminate the swelling of the nose with a cold using decongestants. But the effect of these funds lasts only a few hours, and therapeutic actions, they do not have. But prolonged use of such medicines lead to addiction – then without them, a person is unable to breathe properly.
Aside from colds, nasal congestion can occur due to various allergic reactions, chemical exposure and autonomic disorders. Therefore, in order to eliminate the swelling in the nose, we need a comprehensive approach. That is, in addition to relieving the swelling of nasal cavity it is necessary to eliminate its cause.
For the treatment of swelling of the nasal mucosa used anti-inflammatory and anti-viral drugs, if necessary, they complement the anti-allergic and other drugs.
Folk remedies to relieve swelling of the nose following:Wash your nose with water, which dissolved the sea salt. Another composition for nasal lavage: water, salt and 2 drops of iodine. For washing it is convenient to use a syringe without a needle.
Do herbal inhalation for nose with a few drops of oil of eucalyptus and pine.
Boil hard-boiled egg. A little cool, to avoid burns. Wrap it in a cloth or towel, apply to your nose , and hold until cool.
Take internal remedy for edema. It could be a diuretic tea. Well excrete the excess fluid green tea, coffee, lemon and green apples.
Before bedtime on the nose, you can apply a light iodine mesh. The strokes should be thin so as not to burn the skin. If the grid is fine, the next morning it does not remain any traces.
If swelling of the nose persists and is accompanied by headache, fever and other symptoms, you should immediately contact the doctor.
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