Prepare the room for work. For this restelica around the perimeter of the floor plastic wrap and place on film. Take a bucket of warm water and a roller on the large handle or broad brush.
Carefully DAB all walls and ceiling, not missing sections. To do this, put the roller or brush in water and swipe them at the processed surfaces. At the same time, producing such works often change the water in the bucket. In addition to the brush or roller and can also be used a special spray.
Take a scraper and begin to remove the chalk, scrape it in places where it is most some dry. In the process of purification does not stop work on the dipping. Best of all, when one person gets in the water on the walls and ceiling, and the other scrapes the old chalk.
After the top layer of lime removed, take a stiff spatula and remove the excess chalk, where they are available.
Will wet our brush, a sponge or any cloth large size in warm water and wipe the surface of the ceiling or walls after removal of the whitewash. The sponge should not be twisted, the cloth should be liberally soaked with water. Often change the water, it should be relatively clean so as not to dirty the surface.