You will need
  • computer with Internet access, telephone.
Look on the Internet forums that are dedicated to coupons and vouchers. As a rule, these meetings bring together people interested in the purchase or sale of vouchers. Such people often consider themselves to be collectors. They not only collect cheques and vouchers, but also shares in various companies that previously allowed employees to participate in the activities of the company. Collectors are buying up vouchers for a knockdown price, but at least some money for their paper owner can get. In addition, the forums there are people who have already sold their vouchers and can advise contact details of the companies ready to buy these securities.
Browse through the different message boards and Internet auctions. Often that is where you can make good money by selling vouchers. The main thing - correctly to define a category of goods sold. It will depend on the number of applicants for the purchase of your voucher.
Regularly check private messages in social networks, specialized sites and resources. Surely it is possible here to find potential buyers of your voucher.
Search the Internet for the official websites of investment funds or public companies, whose previously a voucher, promotion or cheque privatization. No longer exists today voucher investment funds, however, many businesses are willing to acquire the old vouchers and receipts. It is important to contact such an organization and offer your paper. Contact information is always available on the websites of these companies. Information on investment funds, open joint-stock companies can also be obtained from the Federal public-state Fund on protection of the rights of shareholders and depositors.