Carefully check your collection to find out what brands you have. Gather detailed information about the stamp – this will help to establish their indicative value. A great help can become relevant stamp catalogues. To make the analysis follows a before you decide to seek a potential buyer for this exotic product.
Consult with a specialist in the field of collectibles, to determine the most accurate price and to check the authenticity of the copies. Today, you can find professional experts and appraisers on some sites. Appeal to the specialist will help you make an informed decision about the sale of the brand. Keep in mind that the value of a particular instance is largely determined by its safety. Wrinkled or damaged brand inferior in value to other instances.
Proceed to search for potential buyers. The best place to search for antique store. You can also place ads on sites the Internet auctions. Sometimes a good result can be obtained by inserting a notice in a local newspaper. You should also review all the available sources to identify people who want to buy certain types of brands or collections as a whole.
Setting the number of potential buyers, consider, if possible, their past purchases, find out the tastes and preferences. Pay attention to the average price they pay for their past purchases. Such information is usually found on auction sites where there are profiles of potential buyers. It is not excluded that these people interested in those brands that you are willing to sell.
There comes a stage of negotiations with a potential buyer. In the negotiations use the information you managed to gather from open sources about your brands and the customer. Refer to the experts. Be prepared for the fact that you have to bargain. If the buyer offers obviously unacceptable price for your item, don't be afraid to refuse. Often, having met with a refusal, a true lover of brands still prefer to go back and accept your proposed terms.