On the shelves almost always have old books from which I want to get rid of. Of course, the easiest way is put them neatly next to trash containers, but you can also try to extract from an old volume of profits. First of all, you need to sort out the books you no longer need. In separate stacks should lay down their textbooks, reference books, dictionaries, editions of artistic works. Also it would be nice to compile a list of the volumes, indicating the publisher and year of release. Of course, it's pretty hard work, but it will greatly facilitate the subsequent sale of the books.
The easiest way to sell unwanted books through second-hand shops that spetsializiruyutsya on the resale of old books. As a rule, the scheme of such a store as follows: you bring books to the Commission and evaluation, you stipulate the sale price and the percentage that the store will charge, and then publications are displayed on the shelves, and you are expecting a call that can come for the money.
Unfortunately, the area of bookstores is limited, so your books will be on shelves for a while. If they don't sell within a certain period of time, the store will offer you to reduce the price, and then return edition. Even in this case, you will have to pay a certain amount for storage, so bookstore it is better to choose books that are quick to buy.
Another way to get rid of old books with the benefit – to try to sell them through the Internet. A considerable number of antique shops have their offices in the network, and they are always interested in rare editions. If you have overlooked several of the pre-revolutionary volumes, you will be able to sell them, literally, without leaving your computer. The Internet can also place a free ad to sell works or old textbooks. Here you will need a previously compiled directory.
By the way, a free ad you can place in a specialized newspaper, such publications usually are in every city. Finally, you can just write announcements by hand or print on the computer and stick close to home. In fact, almost every book needed someone, and your only task is to find this man.