What you need to do to sell the coin? First you need to give your current coin presentation. Have to put it in refined vegetable oil and podaryat on a slow fire, from time to time scraping the dirt with a match or wooden toothpick. Proceed with caution, so as not to destroy the coin. To padvariai will need to the time while the coin is not cleared completely.
You then need to estimate the value of the coin. To do this, simply use numismatic sites on the Internet. After the estimate, you should pass on numismatic or antique forums, where there are auctions. Scan the existing old money. After that, you can put your coins for sale. The final cost for such auctions will become the most relevant.
Almost all concerned about the problem of payment and delivery. Forums for sellers the risk is small. As a rule, initially receives funds for the product (postal or Bank transfer, virtual money), after that merchant sends to the customer its own lot. You can also sell your coins on online auctions Molotok.Ru and Ebay.Com. There are specialized sections on numismatics.