Formed a cyst does not allow to spread infection. At first glance, the cyst above the tooth seems simple, but it is fraught with great danger, because it can trigger the development of various complications. If you do not take any measures for its treatment, over time it can degenerate into a malignant tumor.

The appearance of the cyst

Cystic inflammation of the tooth looks like dense structure formation, within which is a fluid consisting of dead bacteria and epithelial cells. The most common is the cyst formed on the root of the tooth.

The size of the cyst can vary from a few millimeters to a small number of inches. A small cyst of the tooth, called a granuloma, usually has a size of not more than 0.5 cm. But in the absence of timely treatment, she gradually begins to increase in size.

Provokes the appearance of cysts of the tooth root infection that enters the root canal of teeth. In this case, inside the cyst immediately begins an inflammatory process spread which does not give its thick walls. Continuous growth of cysts leads to replacement of the bone tissue located around the tooth root, which greatly affects human health.

Formation and growth of the cyst occurs in a long time. Therefore, if a person regularly visiting the dentist, in time to recognize the formation of cysts will not be easy.

Why do I get cyst on the tooth

Causes of cysts of the tooth can be varied, but the most common ones are:
- ingestion of the root canal, any infections due to improper dental treatment;
- inadequate and standards of endodontic treatment;
- contact with disease-causing bacteria inside the gums along with the bloodstream because of the disease;
- the presence of chronic inflammation under the crown or chronic forms of periodontitis;
- complicated the process of eruption of wisdom teeth.

All of the above reasons can be divided into infection and trauma. It is therefore recommended to avoid situations which can cause injury to tooth. For example, do not chew with their teeth nutshell.

Dental treatment should be entrusted only to experienced professionals. Otherwise, the inside of root channels of a tooth can be infected, causing inflammation and, as a consequence, the formation of cysts.