You will need
  • - Milk;
  • - the range.
To accurately determine the fat content of milk is possible with special devices that are only on milk production. In the factory laboratories used several methods to determine the fat content of milk: thermoelectric, photovoltaic high-frequency, ultrasonic, and other methods. There is a way to measure the fat content of milk at home.
Take a clear glass and a ruler. Glass wash and dry. Put on the glass dash at the level of 10 cm. Glass must be straight, otherwise there will be distortion in the figures. If the glass is large, wide bottom, then measure 10 cm need from this bottom, and not from the table.
Fill the glass with milk up to the mark. Measurements will be more accurate if the milk is fresh. Leave a glass of milk for 6-8 hours at room temperature.
Gradually, over eight hours, the milk will be covered with a thicker layer — separated cream. The width of the layer of cream you need to measure it to know the fat content of milk. To do this, take a ruler, vertically bring to the glass and see how many millimeters is a layer of cream.
Next step was to calculate. The height of the milk layer of 10 cm is taken as 100 %. Every millimeter layer of cream will be one percentage of fat. For example, if the cream layer is 4 mm, then the fat content of milk of 4 %. The fat content of milk can be from 1 to 6 percent.