How to recognize the lack of fat content of milk?

Young moms often feel anxiety about the nutritional value of its milk. The main features of reduced-fat are:
- the child begins to fall behind weight;
- the kid frequently applied to the mother's breast;
- when pumping the milk has a bluish hue.

On fat percentage is influenced by many factors. For example, it may be heredity, poor nutrition, emotional state lactating women, etc.

Ways to increase milk fat

For quality of feeding a child breast milk need to observe some simple rules.
First rule. Before feeding, Express a small amount of milk, as the "front" milk is less nutritious, and more watery. If a child has not reached the "back" of milk, he feels hunger.

The second rule. Breast-feeding massage the breast to stimulate the production of milk fat. As a rule, kids love to pull at the breast while eating.

The third rule. Let the baby suck the milk. Some moms take away after a certain period of time. The child himself needs to complete the feeding.

The fourth rule. Don't change Breasts during a feeding, as baby is fed only the "front" milk. If there is a feeling of emptiness in the gland, do not take the child. In this period the "rear" milk continues to stand out, and the baby receives the most valuable and nutritious portion.

The fifth rule. When enough high-fat milk reduce the gap between meals. It is believed that frequent the attachment of the teat helps to increase nutritional properties.

The sixth rule. Revise your own diet. Mistakenly believing that high-fat meals in the form of animal fats is beneficial for the baby. Sure, it's calorie women, but can negatively affect the health of the child. Eliminate foods with lots of TRANS-fats as they are harmful for the health benefits of milk. You must include sea fish, nuts, as these foods increase the fat content without harming the internal organs of the little body.

The seventh rule. Avoid stressful situations and emotional overload as the nervous system directly affects the fat content and the amount of secreted milk. Also need adequate sleep and regular rest.