Features of sour cream

As in any dairy product, the cream has its advantages and disadvantages. If with the advantages of all clear, the disadvantages are often referred the high fat and calorie sour cream. The constant use of this product may cause overload of the gallbladder and liver, and problems with fat metabolism caused by the high percentage of fat. People who have a tendency to be overweight, choose low-calorie sour cream, controlling your diet with calorie counting in it.

Fatty cream is not recommended in the presence of hypertension and problems with the cardiovascular system.

It is believed that the cream contains large amounts of cholesterol, however, in the product, even the highest fat content it is much less than in conventional butter. In addition, the cream is absorbed by the body faster and easier than fresh milk. The use of sour cream with raw carrots can improve eyesight and boost immunity, and men who regularly drink a moderate amount of this product, and do not have problems with potency.

The fat content of sour cream

Have low fat sour cream maximum fat content is only 14%. Low-fat sour cream has 19% fat, whereas the highest fat content of the classic sour cream does not exceed 34%. Maximum fat fat sour cream is 48%, and full-fat product is 58%. The stores are usually sold by 15-20-25% sour cream – more oily product can be purchased in the market. Doctors say that the human body best absorbs the sour cream with maximum fat.

According to the recipe, the cream may only ferment and cream – other ingredients change the original structure of sour cream.

Heavy cream has good antidepressant properties and increases resistance of the nervous system to stress – it is enough to drink a glass of fresh product, whipped with sugar. It also helps with sunburn, soothing the skin, relieving the burning and redness. For this purpose it is mixed with sunflower oil and egg yolk, is applied on the burnt skin and cover with a gauze bandage, which change every twenty four hours. Another important advantage of the thick cream is its ability to positively influence a hormonal background of a person and its reproductive function.