To determine the fat content of your milk, strain it in a glass or a bottle. If the milk has a bluish hue, it means the fat of milk is not very high. Milk fat has a yellowish color. It is more yellow, the higher its fat content. This method is not always correct, since the color of milk is dependent on the power of the woman. Eat more carrots and you will notice that your milk has acquired a clear yellow tint.
Leave expressed milk in a Cup and place it overnight in the fridge. After some time the milk will start to settle. The fat contained in the milk will rise up, forming a distinct layer of cream. In the morning, remove the glass and see the thicker layer of cream, the higher fat content of milk.
Take a clean white cloth and squeeze her breast milk. Wait until the drop dries. If the fabric left a trail, and then milk you of normal fat.
Use the best determinant of your child. He is not restless, sleep well, and not asking constantly breast? So your child is well fed, and it plays no role most of the fat content of your milk or a small. Now, if he's not willing to let go of the breast after feeding and the crying, it is likely that he lacks power.