Read the information on the packaging of milk. A respectable manufacturer will notify the consumer that the milk made from powder. If the product is called "Milk drink" or "reconstituted milk", it means that there is no solid raw materials. Behind clever wording "Normalized milk" can also hide the product partially composed of powder. In this case, the dry raw material is used for the artificial reduction of fat.
Please note the cost of the product. But it is not necessary to give preference to the most expensive milk because the dry raw materials of foreign production costs manufacturers more expensive raw milk "from the cow". You should give preference to products of an average price category and a shelf life of no more than 3 days.
Another important difference of the natural product recovered from that pack of solid milkm producers have the right to write "is Recommended for children up to 6 years and infants". If a phrase, the product certainly is made from powder.
Review the information about the manufacturer of the dairy product. As a rule, manufacturers of dairy products of Siberia and the Far East are forced to use powder as animal husbandry in these areas of development is extremely small. And if milk is produced in Khabarovsk, Irkutsk or Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk, there is a high possibility of a defect in its composition.
Open the package and pour it in a glass. Put it on a white sheet of paper to determine the shade of the product. So, whole milk may have a white, dull white and bluish color. The shade of red and orange suggests the presence in the composition of the powder. If milk gives sweetness on the palate, it is a sure sign of the use of powder in its composition.
Leave a glass in the room temperature for a day. During this time whole milk should turn sour, while pasteurized to ferment two days later. Powder milkm in the first and second day nothing happens, except for evaporation. Walls of glass needs to remain a distinctive community.
Remove a small amount of residue from the walls of the Cup if they stayed. RUB them between your fingers. If the raw materials began to stray into lumps, reminiscent of wet flour, the product is made from powdered milk.