If cheese do milk, to determine the percentage of fat in the future the cheese milk weigh and calculate the amount of fat at his weight. If the fat content of milk is unknown, proceed as follows. Whole milk contains 3.2% fat or more. Take a tall and narrow glass, pour milk to a height of 10 cm, measured strictly with a ruler. After 5-6 hours the milk will separate from the cream, take the same ruler and measure the height of cream. Every millimeter of cream is equal to 1 percent milk fat.
Prepare from milk curd. Weigh the obtained curd mass. Calculate the percentage of fat in cheese by the scheme:
N2 = N1 * A / B, where
N1 – fat content of milk (in percent);
N2 – the fat content of cheese (percentage);
A – weight of milk;
B – the weight of the cheese.
From the same volume of milk turns curd half, but the percentage of fat in the cottage cheese doubles. Thus, if you have 1 liter of milk, then you will only get 500 grams. cheese. If the milk was 3%, cheese 6%, and so on. This scheme is suitable if we know the initial fat content of milk.
Any lab of your city involved in the examination of food products, will help to determine the fat content of your cheese. There is a apparatus for determining fat content.
The percentage of fat purchase of cheese printed on the package.