It is impossible to visually determine fat milk or not. But the light blue tint is not a reason to panic. Just a little at first, drinking so-called "front" milk, which really consists of 90% water. Baby thereby quenches thirst. After some time of active sucking starts the entry "back" of milk, rich in many nutrients (including fats). That is why experts in the field of breastfeeding are advised not to change Breasts during one feeding period, do not limit feeding time at the mother's request and after not to be decanted. Then the child will receive the required amount as the "front" and "back" of milk and is fat and happy.
Need less nervous and try to get as much positive emotions that feeding was successful. Any anxiety and anxiety will have a negative impact not only on your mood and the mood of your baby and the amount of milk. Should trust to nature – maternal milk can not be "bad" by definition. Child in any case will get all the necessary nutrients.
But if your baby is not gaining weight, suffering from a lack of appetite and occasionally defecates, it may mean that you may have incorrectly applied it to his chest, unsuccessfully picked up the intervals of feeding and so on.
If you still think that your breast milk is not that fatty as is necessary, try to adjust their diet, resorting to one of the proven recipes.
Take walnut kernels and pour them with hot milkof M. in half an hour you can take this mixture two times a day, but no more than a third of a glass for the reception. Just be aware that abusing this facility is not necessary, as the baby may develop a nut Allergy.
Half an hour before the next feeding, you can drink tea with milkm. However, it is also better to do it carefully, because cow's milk protein is not very useful for the baby as it can cause pain in the tummy.