You will need
    • Glass height of 12-15 cm
    • ruler with millimeter divisions
    • milk.
Of course, the exact level of fat content of milk can be determined only by using special devices, available to cow farms and dairy factories.
But check the approximate fat content of milk can be every person from the comfort of your own home and using only the instruments available in any modern kitchen.
To determine the fat content of milk in home conditions you will need a glass with a height of 12-15 cm, a ruler with divisions in millimeters and, of course, the check product, i.e. milk.
On a prepared drink made with a felt pen to draw a dash at 10 cm from the bottom. Then a glass to pour milk up to that mark.
A glass of milk should be left on the table at room temperature for 8 hours.
During this time, the surface of the poured into a glass of milk must be cream. Height, formed of these layers must be measured with a ruler with millimeter divisions.
Now you should determine the percentage of fat milk. To do this is not difficult. The height of the layer of milk, i.e. 100mm, should be considered as 100%.
The number of millimeters of the layer formed on the surface of the milk and cream is percentage of fat.
Of course, to measure tenths of a millimeter cream "by eye" is impossible. But to determine the approximate fat content by using this simple method is quite easy.