You will need
  • - hairdresser;
  • - gloves;
  • - hair dye;
  • tonic for hair;
  • - clarifier;
  • - means on care of hair.
If you decided to dye hair in pink color, then be prepared for the fact that after many stages of painting, through which you will have to go, you will notice for yourself interested glances of people.
Determine the color and condition of your hair. Unpainted hair is easier to impact that means to stain, rather than painted in a dark color. If you are a natural or dyed blonde hair, make hair pink, you will be much easier than brunettes.
Get a wash, if your hair is dyed in a dark color. These tools are implemented in beauty shops. They are designed to neutralize the pigments remaining on the hair after previous dyeing. Apply the product on dry hair and leave on for the time specified in the instructions.
Proceed to the clarification process. If you are a natural blonde, you don't need to be clarified. If painted, then lighten just the roots of the hair. Dark hair should lighten no more than two or three shades at a time, keeping two to three weeks between the regular discoloration.
Divide hair into strands and apply evenly to lighten. The most common clarifiers are "Bangoran and Blondex". They can be purchased in stores cosmetics.
The last stage is toning. Purchase tonic "rose tree", "Bordeaux", or permanent paint. Apply evenly to dry hair and leave on for the time specified in the instructions. Remember that the longer you can keep the paint on the hair, the brighter and more saturated is the color.
Keep in mind, that tonics are washed away much faster than paint. So, if you want to achieve a lasting effect, after painting, use tools-fixers color. You can also use shampoos and conditioners for dyed hair to hair care on a permanent basis. So the color will remain bright longer.