Solid red

This is a very big responsibility, a challenge to society, so before you wear a pure red dress, are you ready to such attention and meticulously discussed. In this way everything must be perfect, without exception.

The combination of red and white

Undoubtedly, it is the brightest combination of colors, but note that al goes well only with pure white color and dark red or Burgundy with cream.

The combination of red with black

It is a symbol of luxury and chic. With black color combination of all shades of red.

The combination of red with grey

Suitable to many people, as combined with gray red looks much softer and does not attract such strong attention.

The combination of red and related colors

Colors like crimson, orange, peach, mix well with red, creating a gradient effect, a smooth transition from one color to another.

The combination of red with contrasting colours

Until now, stylists have not come to common opinion, is it possible to combine red with contrasting colors, such as green. If you want to try this combination, start with a beach or summer wear. It such combinations are acceptable.

If you are going to wear red, don't forget to highlight your beauty, shade of red selected should match with your complexion of the face.