Popular methods of staining at the present time are the following options:


A versatile option that is suitable for any hair length. As a rule, the coloring consists of two or more colors, which gives the face a distinctive look and freshness. Many ladies use this version as the primary. After all, it's pretty easy to paint the main color without exposing your hair to chemical treatment cruel.


One of the most popular and famous types of painting, which is suitable for long hair and medium length. Best combined with a cascade haircut. The smell is starting to emerge from the mid-lengths to ends, thereby forming a color overlay. The most popular colors: brown, red and blue-black.

The effect of "regrown roots"

For several seasons rests on the peak of popularity. This painting must not contain sharp differences. The maximum difference of semitone. Otherwise, this effect will look untidy and dirty.


The most famous method of coloring the individual strands, which is universal. In some cases, the weave is more advantageous to look at short haircut, complementing the image of the delicate strands. Well lightens the skin, giving a light blush.

Staining is a serious process which eventually changes the structure of the hair and deprives it of moisture. Why care, implementation of preventive masks and balms are required, so as not to spoil their natural beauty and keep it for a long time.