You will need
  • Lift kit, wheels of larger diameter, the elements of the power kit.
To do not alter in suspension "Fields", just replace the rims and tires. In base the car is equipped with not the best option rubber as the main criterion when it is selected – low price.
Off-road choose a wide tire, with a large number of ribs on the tread. It is desirable that the sides were special fins called lugs.
If you need to increase the departure of the wheel, adjust the drives at the sizes of the tires, install a reinforced hub, double row bearing, and the hub of the stand of a special alloy, which will help to increase the departure of the wheel.
When you increase the diameter of the wheels, change the main couple of the bridges, increasing the gear ratio. To calculate a new gear ratio just for that, find a new diameter to the old wheel and multiply by the original gear ratio. From the available options main pairs, select the set that is closest in its characteristics.
If increasing clearance "Fields" by replacing the wheels is not enough, make the Elevator car suspension using special reducers under the the elements. To do this, purchase a lift-kit that for the front suspension is a set of washers fitted under the spring and the upper arm, in this case, swap the steering knuckle arms so they can move normally and do not touch other elements of the suspension. For the rear suspension there are special cups under the springs, which are mounted on top and bottom set brackets, that extend the shock absorber 5 cm
To protect the car from damage install the power kit. As a rule, it consists of front and rear bumper, my bumper and power thresholds.
Picking up reinforced bumpers, consider the possibility that you will have to raise it "Niva" with the help of a rack Jack. When selecting "." suscitavit that its primary function is not giving an aggressive appearance and a sewn spotlights and radiator. When traveling in the woods, install videotraining, which is a rope, stretched from the bumper to the top of the trunk. They will protect the windshield.