You will need
  • - passport;
  • - statement of the established sample;
  • - documents on family composition;
  • - extract from the unified state registry about the availability of real estate transactions;
  • - income for each family member;
  • - the documents confirming privileges;
  • - SNILS and INN;
  • the conclusion about the recognition of a needy family;
  • - excerpt from the tax;
  • - additional documents and references on request.
Under the new law, on account of the provision of social housing have the right to stand up only to citizens deemed needy and the poor. Please contact the local authorities. You must provide a complete list of documents that should be prepared for the recognition of families in need and poor.
Collect a full package of documents, make photocopies of originals in advance, to avoid wasting time when applying.
Apply for acceptance on the account (a sample can be obtained in the local administration). Please note that the application must be signed by all minors of the family.
Along with the application attach documents confirming the right to receive residential premises. You will be given a receipt, which will set out the full list of submitted documents with indication of the date of receipt of the application.
Within 30 working days you are required to answer about confirming or denying registration.