You will need
  • Mouse, keyboard
  • text editor
In order to move the line below, place the cursor in the line which you wish to make this operation. To restore the cursor using the mouse and keyboard, using the arrows. Press "Enter". A blinking cursor will appear at the beginning of the next line. With him on the string below will be transferred to the remaining part of the text.
If you plan to move the string higher and more somewhere, it should be copied. Highlight the row, then click the right mouse button. Choose "Copy". Move the cursor to the place where you will insert the string. Click again, right-click and hit "Paste".
Also available anywhere on the document to begin the line. Use the mouse and the same keys for the arrows. Control the cursor, moving it to different areas of your document. By choosing a location to place the cursor and start typing.
In addition to the mouse, to copy and paste text you can use the top menu edit or the keyboard: copy - Ctrl+Insert paste Shift+Insert.
If you work with tables in Microsoft Excel, there is actual very different methods on how to move the line. Use the tab "Insert" - "Row".