Advice 1: How to unlock phone Nokia 5310

Very often the owners of Nokia phones face the same problem as the phone lock (not to be confused with the lock). In a special service centers for this service, how unlock Nokia phone master asking from 300 to 700 rubles, and sometimes more. To avoid wasting just money, phone users Nokia want to understand the problem yourself.
How to unlock phone Nokia 5310

The causes of phone lock Nokia 5310

The Nokia 5310 is often blocked for several reasons. First, it takes place after changes and enable the security code on the keypad lock. The mobile phones of this model often have these "glitches" when the old security code is not valid anymore, and the new code the phone does not accept as correct. So the situation is – phone you enable can, but release the lock – no.

Other types of touch lock sim card. For example, if you incorrectly entered your pin. This problem is resolved by appeal to the center of your mobile operator.

Independent phone unlocking Nokia

If you want to unlock a Nokia phone, then you have to try several ways to unlock. The first way is to try to enter the old code. If it doesn't work, then you need to remove the battery from phone and leave it in such a disassembled state for a few hours (it is best to wait 6-8 hours for reliability). There are cases when after this waiting, a new code is triggered, and the lock removed from your phone. If it did not happen, the problem is much more serious than it seemed from the very beginning.

Seek professional help

In that case, when the phone can not be unlock, you need to turn to professionals. On the Internet you can often find offers of such services, as well as various programs that will help you to unlock your Nokia 5310. To trust these people have in very rare cases, as often programs can harm your phone (infecting viruses), and people will just take you a decent amount of money and disappear without doing anything. In order to avoid such unpleasant situations, you should contact only in official service centers. For example, you can take your locked phone Nokia in licensed services in your city who has an excellent reputation.

How much for unlock Nokia phone?

In each city the cost of such services will be different. For example, in an ordinary Moscow service, which is engaged in repair of phones Nokia, unlock will cost you 450 rubles. In small towns this service will cost much less – about 300-400 rubles.

In conclusion, it is worth noting that it is better to fork out and to entrust this work to professionals, because 300-500 rubles is not such a big amount.

Advice 2: How to unlock a locked phone

Most foreign operators lock their phonesto develop loyalty from your clients and bind them to your network as tightly as possible. If in phone inserted SIM-card from another operator, the phone will request the unlock code, or included in stand-alone mode. In order to unlock a locked phone, follow a few simple steps.
How to unlock a locked phone
Reflash the phone. If the lock is part of the phone firmware, you can easily get rid of her and be able to use the phone with any SIM card. In order to reflash the phone, use the sync with your computer. Download a clean firmware for this phone model and special software for flashing. Follow the instruction carefully and save the original firmware in case the operation will fail.
If you are the owner of the phone, contact your operator for the unlock code. Motivate this by the fact that you will need to stay on the territory of another country for a long time, and cellular is cheaper if you don't use roaming and connect on the spot. After you provide the unlock code, enter it and use the phone with any SIM card.
Contact a specialized service in unlocking phones. The fact that specialized equipment to unlock costs money, and considerable, and to buy it in order to unlock one phone just doesn't make sense. Trust the professionals, and after a while you will be able to use your phone on any network.

Advice 3: How to unlock security code Nokia

The phone company Nokia provides a function as a protective code. It is used to protect the data that you deem sensitive or just want to hide from outsiders. if you forget the security code, you can easily unblock it by following simple instructions.
How to unlock security code Nokia
First and foremost, contact the office of the company Nokia in order to get codes reset firmware password reset for your phone model. On the Internet there are many different options for codes, but no one will take responsibility if your phone will spoil as a result of Navarro entered code. In order to avoid this, request an official letter from the representative of the company.
If you need to unlock the codeand data is not received, re-flash the phone. In this case, all data will be lost, so use this method only when very tired to wait answer from the company Nokia. In order to reflash the phone, you will need to synchronize it with your PC and reflash using special software.
If the step number two is difficult for you, or you have neither the time nor the desire to do it, contact the service center of Nokia. Regardless, safeguards your phone or not, you can help with unlocking and flashing. Don't forget to tell the consultants exactly what you want to do is to reset the firmware or just reset the security code.

Advice 4: How to unlock security code of Nokia

Protective code used in most phone models, including handsets of Nokia company. This code is used in order to maximize the safety of personal data of the user when entering phone into the hands of third parties. But sometimes the owners forget protective code. In this case, you will help one of the ways by which you can unlock the protective code.
How to unlock security code of Nokia
First and foremost, contact the manufacturer, i.e. the firm Nokia in order to provide all the information on codeum for reset settings and codeand reset the firmware, and codefor unlock. In this case, all depends on how you will be able to convince the manufacturer that the phone really belongs to you. Prepare the documents confirming the fact of sale and a receipt.
After you get these codes, enter them on the keyboard depending on what you want to do is erase all personal information and return to factory settings, just knock the settings or remove the blocking code of your phone.
In case you do not succeed, reboot the phone. For this you need a data cable with which you will have to connect the phone to the computer. Then re-flash the phone using special software and firmware that you download from the Internet. After flashing you will get a completely clean phone with factory default configuration settings and removed the locking codeom.

Advice 5: How to enable keypad lock

On PC sometimes you have to use only the mouse (e.g., in games or some programs). In such cases you can disable the keyboard or just a key lock. Process the key lock is very simple and does not take much time. To unlock the keypad easy.
How to enable keypad lock
You will need
  • Primary skills of personal computer.
To start press and hold for eight seconds the "Shift" button on the right.
After holding down the "Shift" you will see a window "Filter input". It presents General information about the function of "Filtering keys." This option completely locks the keyboard, but only includes options to ignore brief and repeated keystrokes.
To enable partial locking of the keypad , press in the information window by clicking "OK", to cancel click "Cancel". In order to configure the filter mode of input, click Settings.
After clicking Settings you will see the window "accessibility", which presents three parts: Sticky keys, Filter keys and toggle keys". To configure the settings for StickyKeys, click "configure" in the second block ("Sticky keys").
In the window "setting the filtering mode, you can configure basic settings for StickyKeys (for example, conditions including the mode, the mode settings and the type of the notification about turning on the sticky). After you have made all necessary settings, click "OK" at the bottom of the window.
Useful advice
Disable the very keyboard in the process of the computer is strongly recommended.

Advice 6: How to unlock password Nokia

The locking code is used on phones of firm "Nokia" to protect your phone, SIM card or use the SIM card of another operator. Depending on the type of protection, there are different types of operations that must be carried out.
How to unlock password Nokia
Blocking cell phone designed to store the security data in the memory cell in the case of loss or theft of the phone. The best option would be to use a code reset code or reset the firmware. You can easily find these codes online, but the best option would be to request them from the manufacturer on the contacts located on the website by providing the IMEI number.
You can also encounter such type of protection as locking your phone operator. In this case, the phone is locked for one provider of cellular services. When you try to turn the phone on with SIM-card of another operator, you are prompted to enter the unlock code. In this case, you must contact the office of the operator, which is locked to your cell phone. Go to its official site, then contact with the help hotline, writing a letter or visiting predstavitelstvo. Provide the IMEI number of the phone, as well as additional data that may be requested, and then you will get the unlock code.
Lock SIM card is used to ensure maximum security of personal data of the subscriber, such as telephone number, phone book and messages. If you block your pin code, you cannot use a SIM card, and after three neverovo input the SIM card is blocked. To unlock it you can only use the PAC code, which you can find on the package of SIM card. If the introduction of the Pak code is not possible, contact the representative office of your mobile operator to get new SIM card. In this case your personal data will be lost, but you will save your phone number.

Advice 7: How to unlock a Nokia phone

Problem unlocking Nokia phones is one of the most common. The problem can be solved in several ways, each of which has its own advantages and disadvantages and depends on the model of phone to be unlock.
How to unlock a Nokia phone
You will need
  • - NSS;
  • - Phoenix;
  • - Nokia Unlocker;
  • - кардридер;
  • - THC-Nokia-Unlock.mdl
Use the most simple method to unlock your Nokia master code (Unlock code) represents a sequence of 10 digits, which is generated by the IMEI of the used phone. (International Mobile Equipment Identity (IMEI) - a unique international telephone number.)
Enter *#06# to determine the IMEI number on the phone and take advantage of the free services generate the master code, widely available on the Internet.
Try to release lock an alternative method by using a specialized Nokia Unlocker - drop a folder THC-Nokia-UNLOCK.mdl to a memory card and save it in a folder E:\System\Recogs.
Install the memory card in the mobile device and enable the camera.
Enter 12345 when you are prompted the password and disable the lock function in the phone settings.
Delete the downloaded file THC-Nokia-Unlock.mdl and reformat the phone.
Download and install the NSS and Phoenix to perform the operation to unlock the phone Nokia another method.
Start the flashing procedure of the mobile device in Dead Mode and wait until the transition device mode Local Mode programming when reaching values of 100%.
Abort the procedure the firmware of the phone and launch the app NSS.
Select Scan for new devices b go to the Phone Info tab of the opened window of the application.
Select Permanent Memory and type values:
- 35 - field Start.
- 308 - in the End.
Apply the check box on the field To File and click the Read button.
Determine the path to the appropriate file Password Manager at the end of the log and open Nokia Unlocker.
Specify the previously defined path and click "Define".
Use the line "security code" to restore the necessary values of the password and return to the program NSS.
Go to the Fbus Info tab and specify the option Normal.
Press the Change button and wait for the automatic reboot of the mobile device.
Enter the code.
The effectiveness of the above methods depends on the specific model of your Nokia phone.
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