For information about the owner of the mobile number call the mobile operator to which the number is registered. Describe causes treatment. For example, say that you are threatened and you fear for the life and health of family members and the safety of your property. Sometimes the operators provide such information.
Please contact the office of the cellular company and write a statement indicating the reasons for treatment. Company representatives may provide this information after reviewing your application.
Show acting talent. This method is not illegal, but utilize it with caution. When paying for communications services, the operator who is engaged in carrying out the payment, see the information about the owner, who performed the payment. Ask the Manager to call the name of the owner of the account, citing a desire to test the name of the owner. Let, for example, that could confuse a room. Perhaps the Manager will let you know such information. If not, contact another salon.
The owner information can also be accessible to law enforcement agencies, e.g. the police, Prosecutor's office, the FSB or FSO. Write a statement in which you describe your claims and requirements. After reviewing your statement, the police can initiate criminal proceedings. They will make a request to the operator. They are obliged to respond to such requests. During the investigation you will be given all the information about the owner of a mobile number.
Never use the telephone numbers database to which access can be obtained on paid and free basis. The use of such methods can result in excitation of criminal case upon detection of traces of work with similar programs on your computer.