If you offer to pay for the provision of subscriber information is a deliberate deception. All information is available free of charge, but subject to certain conditions. Also never use databases, distributed free of charge. This method is considered illegal.
If your hands just got a SIM card, go to the website of the operator to which it relates, go to the personal Cabinet, insert the sim card into the phone and request the password. Log in to your account. There's bound to be information about the subscriber.
The best way in which you can avoid problems with the law, to obtain information about the owner sim card when you contact the law enforcement agencies: the Federal security service, Prosecutor's office, Federal security service or the police. Turning should definitely write a letter stating your claims and requirements. After acceptance of the application and the initiation of criminal proceedings, the authorities will send a request to the operator. And it will provide information about the subscriber. You, as the victim, will provide all the information about the owner sim card.
Please contact the office of the cellular operator, write a statement indicating the reasons for treatment. Perhaps the company's representatives will respond to your request.
Dial the operator and ask them to provide information about the cause of treatment. It is best to refer to threats to your address to say that he feared for the safety of property and the lives of loved ones. The operator has the right to disclose information about the subscriber. But the law personally, you do not violate.
You can go to the trick and to play a small role in payment of services of mobile communication. When paying at the point of reception of payments refer to a strong desire to check the name of the owner of the phone number if you got it wrong. Perhaps the Manager who holds the payment and see information about the owner of the accommodation will provide you with this service. If you receive a denial, contact a different point of payment. Maybe you will find those who will help you.