Advice 1: How to determine the owner

Sometimes it happens that the call comes from an unknown caller and would like to know who it is. Suddenly a call for work or some distant relative. If you have only a room, but not the initials of the caller, you can easily identify the owner of the phone.
How to determine the owner
You will need
  • Mobile phone, album sheet, pen.
Sleep number, which processed the call to your phone number.
Open in your mobile phonebook " and the call of customer service.
Hearing the answer of the operator, enter the number consisting of 11 digits. You will not only get the initials of the caller of the phone owner, of course, if he wished to register your details. But you will be able to determine the mobile operator: MegaFon, Beeline, MTS or SMARTS.
The operator will answer your questions related to the phone number, including even the location of the subscriber in a given time, if you want. After the conversation, write down the initials of the owner, the address, if you recognized it and hit "cancel call".
Remember that pumping program, you must make sure it is non-commercial content, ask friends and other network users about whether they had used the program and what were the results. There are a lot of scams that will recognize the initials and addresses of subscribers to meet their personal interests.
Useful advice
The owner number can be defined by using directory service located on the Internet, and also special programs that are easily downloaded on the cell phone and used by an active cellular subscribers.

Advice 2: As for the phone number to determine its owner

Sometimes it is necessary to find out which subscriber owns the phone number. The reasons for this may vary – from a threatening SMS from an unknown person to the finds in the bowels of the bag a scrap of paper with written numbers.
As for the phone number to determine its owner

Whatever the reasons, find out whose phone number is not so easy. But try to find the owner. To begin, try to "break" the caller through the database. Keep in mind that when you access the private databases will need to pay for the service, and guarantees the correctness of the rooms at this. If the request is sent using the database of mobile operators, a guarantee of absolute, but not always there is access to it. In addition, one must keep in mind that not all subscribers are issued a room, I use it personally.

If you want to know the owner's phone number through official channels, try to contact the office of the corresponding cell of digging and write a statement. It is necessary to state in detail the reasons for such treatment, for example, to indicate that you received threatening phone calls from an unknown number. After consideration of the application, you can provide all the necessary information. With the same statement can apply to law enforcement agencies, in this case, its employees will access the mobile operators. In case of acceptance of the application, you will be required to provide all the information about the owner of the number obtained as a result of the investigation.

You can informally try to access the database. When paying on any cell phone numbers employee, conducting the transaction, see the name of the person who registered the number. If he gives you the information, will depend on your powers of persuasion.

On paid and free basis it is possible to access a phone database of numbers – for example, buy this disc. But it is better this way not to use databases are often outdated or contain incorrect information. Often carriers are able to harm the OS of your device.

Sites that supposedly provide such services, should not be blindly trusted. The usual practice – you will be asked to send a particular SMS number, and then you supposedly give a code to access the database of telephone numbers. But usually after that removed from the phone the money, but the information you get.

Another way to find out the owner of a phone number is to use alternative sources of information. For example, try "good luck" to dial in the line of Yandex and Google searched the phone number. If the person is using this room, ever tried to advertise on the Internet for buying and selling cars, leasing out their apartments, looking for housing, etc., on Bulletin boards may persist such information. If you're lucky, you just click on the link and see the name of the owner and the bare minimum of information he provides about himself – for example, an e-mail. You can enter it in the search engine in any format.

One way to find a person by phone number, alas, does not exist. Better to act through employees of telephone companies or of public officials. But it is better to understand that is unlikely to succeed find out details of the owner simply by typing in the search engine the number. Appeals and promises posted on the Internet, one should not believe – usually, such search ends with cribbing money from your account, and the result is zero.

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