Remember that each operator has a database. In such a database contains information about subscribers obtained at the conclusion of the agreement for the provision of telecommunications services. "Beeline" is no exception. Knowing such information, you'll find the right person. To buy such a database in large markets, which sells a variety of electronics. But remember that this method of obtaining information about the owner of the numbers "Beeline" is not entirely legitimate.
Find out the owner of the numbers "Beeline" via employee. Certain employees working in "Beeline", have access to the information you need. If you find an approach to them, you will get the information you need. But be aware that the security service of the company strictly monitors the leak and harshly punishes her in case of detection. Therefore, the motivation of the employee to which you refer, needs to be thought out in advance.
Refer to search services on the Internet. On the pages of the global network has a lot of suggestions to search owners of cell phones, including subscribers of "Beeline". Services are available, both paid and free. Start with a free. Carefully check the information received. If it is not true, go to the paid search engines. On the following sites many positive reviews online. Try to contact them.
Feel free to contact a statement to the police, if the owner of the room threatening you through phone calls and SMS messages. Don't forget to save messages that contain threats. Law enforcement agencies will find bully through a special IMEI that every cellular phone and which is visible to the operator continuously. Naturally, you will be informed of the owner of the roomsthat you received threats.