Start "device Manager". This can be done through control panel or through the computer properties that are available in the context menu "My computer". View a list of devices. Any unidentified devices will be marked with a yellow question marks. Click on unspecified device, right-click and select "Update driver software". Launches "Master installation of new equipment". Click on "search for drivers on this computer", which implies a manual search for files.
In the next window, specify the path to the file sys. Click browse and expand the directory tree to the folder with the sys file. Click "OK" to confirm your choice. Click next to begin the driver installation process. If "installation Wizard" will recognize in the sys file and inf suitable driver, the driver installation will start automatically. If the data files do not fit to the specified device, the Master will prompt you to specify a different path location of the driver.
If as a driver to the device you got the sys file without the inf file, the installation wizard does not automatically recognize the driver. Try to copy the sys file in the drivers folder of the Windows operating system in the directory System32, drivers folder. And then run the hardware detection and automatic installation of the device. It is also worth noting that such files can be infected with various malware, which automatically extend to the Internet, information media, and copy the important data, transferring them to the Creator. So try to check your antivirus software to fully be confident in the integrity of the files.