Determine the direction of future rehab center. It can be an institution specializing in the provision of care to patients, to individuals who have various addictions (alcohol, drugs, and so on). The centre may also carry out psychological support to those who left the walls of correctional institutions, and needs social adaptation.
Make a detailed plan for creating a rehabilitation center based on the selected activity. Scroll to separate sections of the plan organization, and sources of formation of property and means of rehabilitation, separately, write a financial plan. The plan should include the issues of recruitment, training and appointment of staff of the institution.
When planning, consider the sources of financing for companies. Whether it's the center in terms of self-sufficiency, or for its functioning need to involve resources of local or Federal budget? Is there a possibility to obtain financial support from commercial organizations or public associations, charity funds?
Decide on what area the centre will carry out its activities. Whether it is focused on the population of a particular city, region, Republic? From the choice of coverage will depend on the status of the institution from which you have to specify at check structures.
If the rehabilitation activities involves the provision of medical care, check with the local health Agency, what types of services the centre will require mandatory licensing. In some cases you will also need the appropriate licensing from specialists working in the center or invited from outside. Decide in advance the issue of obtaining a license for such activities.
Carefully pick up the staff to work in the center. Depending on the direction of companies that can be physicians, psychologists, psychotherapists, teachers (including specialists to work with persons having speech disorders, and so on). Pay attention to the qualifications of future employees, experience, and personal qualities because working with people requires developed communication skills, friendliness, and a sense of empathy.
Choose the appropriate to position the center of the room. It must be geographically available and functional. Decide whether you need to rent space or acquire it in property companies.
Register rehabilitation centre with the appropriate authorities. Put the institution on all kinds of counts, including tax. Upon receipt of the required status, you can fully implement the activities envisaged in the plan and the concept of the centre.