Advice 1: How to open a treatment room

Surrender and expectation of results of tests is one of the most painful procedures for many citizens, who simply have no time to sit in huge queues in ordinary clinics. Therefore, it is possible that some of them are willing to pay just not to waste time: first at the door of the outpatient lab, and after – office physician. In your power to help such people (of course, not free of charge) and open treatment room for taking tests.
How to open a treatment room
Register in tax authorities of the individual entrepreneur or LLC. Will receive a certificate of registration, an extract from egrip/incorporation and NACE statistics codes from the state statistics Committee. Register printing is the future of procedural Cabinet in MCI. Open a Bank account and apply for CMC and forms of organization in the tax office. Buy a franchise for a large network of laboratories (that will ease your future work, but will require increased contributions) or sign a contract for services with the usual laboratory.
Find a suitable premise for a procedural Cabinet. For this we first review the applicable sanitary and epidemiological regulations for the organization of such institutions. The room must have a separate entrance, to be connected to all communications, to have a Bay for equipment storage space for consumables and tests. Desirable bathrooms (or its equipment) and the lessor's consent to distributing water supply for sinks. The room should be located in an area with developed infrastructure for the convenience of customers and the efficient execution of orders. Once we solve all the issues associated with delivery and storage of samples and materials for analysis, as timely delivery is the most important condition for the smooth operation of the office.
Invite the staff of SES and fire protection that they have given you a positive opinion on the compliance of the premises with all regulations and requirements.
Purchase equipment from reliable suppliers. The equipment may be of domestic production, especially because its cost is cheaper than imported. Conclude contracts with suppliers of consumables.
Will announce competition for the vacant posts of doctors and nurses. If you have no medical education, in the state you have to be a specialist with a license to provide medical services and experience at least 5 years.
Please contact the Licensing chamber with the application for a license for the provision of medical services. You will need the following documents:
- a copy of the registration certificate of the enterprise (sole proprietors, LLC);
- constituent documents (copies);
- the SES and the fire brigade (copy);
- documents (copies) confirming your rights (or your employee) on medical services (diplomas, certificates);
receipt about payment of state duty.
Note: in order for procedural study found out customers have to agree with those doctors, clinics or hospitals, who could recommend you for patients.

Advice 2 : How to open a private medical office

Private medical office is designed for the medical business private doctor. As a rule, in order to start a private medical practice, you need to follow a number of conditions to execute the necessary documents to obtain a license and to find an appropriate location.
How to open a private medical office
First, you need to obtain the status of an individual entrepreneur. For this you need to contact the tax authority at the place of residence, provide the needed documents and pay the state fee in any branch of the Bank. Can register legal entity in the form of LLC or JSC. In the latter case, additionally, you will need to resolve the issue of founders and the availability of the Charter.
Select the facility for the implementation of future activities. Note its location, whether a densely populated area, will residents pay for medical services. Walk around the area to see if the neighborhood competitors. Will you be able to provide themselves with customers? If in the area there are many private medical clinics or practitioners, consider whether you will be able to compete with them?
Having defined the place of future work, consider the room design, make a business plan, you will need to make is your office. This can resort to the help of special companies or place an ad in the media themselves.
The next step will be recruitment. You need to hire an accountant who will keep the cash register, accounting of funds received, compile reports, etc., Calculate what it will cost to open a private medical office, waiting for what expenses and income. Also you need to hire at least one physician, nurses and administrator. Try to find highly qualified staff, this will depend on the presence of customers in the initial stages of activity.
Read the specialist diplomas, higher medical categories, certificates of completion of courses of improvement of qualification, have experience in this field, experience of employees abroad, etc.
Examine the rating of proposals in the field of medical services. Decide for yourself whether this is a multidisciplinary clinic or services in a particular area, such as dentistry or obstetrics. Increasingly gaining popularity the organization of medical services for seniors and children. You can sign a contract with the driving school and open a private medical office for inspection of future drivers.
The room must be all communications. You can acquire or rent. For temporary use, you can arrange the room in the municipal medical institution. If there is no such option, you can rent an apartment located on the first floor with bathroom and separate entrance. Premises owned by you need to register as non-residential. You need to contact the BTI to collect all the documents proving the right of ownership, and transfer them to the Registration chamber at the place of residence.
Next, we turn to the CPS. Write an application for the issuance of a statement of compliance of the medical activities of sanitary-epidemiological norms and rules. Submit a lease Agreement or proof of ownership of non-residential premises, the tax certificate, medical book. The conclusion must be notarized. Sign a contract with municipal services on garbage collection. In addition, contact the fire supervision, give them a list of required documents and get the fire alarm.
Now buy medical equipment. It is advisable to contact a serious manufacturers and reliable suppliers. Modern equipment is estimated high. Seek help from a professional, for example, the Manager, the cost of services which will be 10% of the price of the equipment. Do not have to acquire new equipment, you can buy a used.
Remember that any medical activities subject to licensing. Collect the papers, indicating the presence of premises, staff, medical equipment and pass them to the Licensing chamber. Within 45 days of the examination will be performed, the results of which a decision on granting a license.
For each type of medical activity need to submit a separate application for a license, at the same time carry out accreditation of medical activities. On the issuance of sick leave also requires a separate document confirming this right. The license is signed personally by the Head of the Licensing chamber.
After receipt of all required documents can get to work.
The paperwork must be carried out in accordance with the legislation of the Russian Federation, and if you submit the documents for consideration in the form of copies, remember that they must be notarized.
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