Register in tax authorities of the individual entrepreneur or LLC. Will receive a certificate of registration, an extract from egrip/incorporation and NACE statistics codes from the state statistics Committee. Register printing is the future of procedural Cabinet in MCI. Open a Bank account and apply for CMC and forms of organization in the tax office. Buy a franchise for a large network of laboratories (that will ease your future work, but will require increased contributions) or sign a contract for services with the usual laboratory.
Find a suitable premise for a procedural Cabinet. For this we first review the applicable sanitary and epidemiological regulations for the organization of such institutions. The room must have a separate entrance, to be connected to all communications, to have a Bay for equipment storage space for consumables and tests. Desirable bathrooms (or its equipment) and the lessor's consent to distributing water supply for sinks. The room should be located in an area with developed infrastructure for the convenience of customers and the efficient execution of orders. Once we solve all the issues associated with delivery and storage of samples and materials for analysis, as timely delivery is the most important condition for the smooth operation of the office.
Invite the staff of SES and fire protection that they have given you a positive opinion on the compliance of the premises with all regulations and requirements.
Purchase equipment from reliable suppliers. The equipment may be of domestic production, especially because its cost is cheaper than imported. Conclude contracts with suppliers of consumables.
Will announce competition for the vacant posts of doctors and nurses. If you have no medical education, in the state you have to be a specialist with a license to provide medical services and experience at least 5 years.
Please contact the Licensing chamber with the application for a license for the provision of medical services. You will need the following documents:
- a copy of the registration certificate of the enterprise (sole proprietors, LLC);
- constituent documents (copies);
- the SES and the fire brigade (copy);
- documents (copies) confirming your rights (or your employee) on medical services (diplomas, certificates);
receipt about payment of state duty.
Note: in order for procedural study found out customers have to agree with those doctors, clinics or hospitals, who could recommend you for patients.